Importance of the Termo Medicinal Water in your health

The thermal waters They are a wonderful natural choice for body care, thanks to its composition and water temperature. Go to places of hot springs is an ancient tradition, which has proved effective in improving human health.

Each of its main components: manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium, football, match, iodine, bromo, fluorine, etc. They are themselves a source of profit and even more together.

Special properties of the hot springs as natural medicine:

Benefits of thermal waters for the human body • Improves metabolism.

• Kill Germs.

• Are analgesic and relieve pain.

• The hot springs are used in the body to improve blood circulation.

• It helps to oxygenate the body.

• Eliminates toxins.

• Rheumatism.

• Relaxes muscles.

• The hot springs are important because they improve the respiratory system, asthma and nasal congestion.

• Improve defenses.

• combat stress.

Benefits of thermal waters for skin:

• Improve pigmentation.

• Promotes collagen production, elastin and skin support.

• Repairs tissues.

• Stimulates natural defenses.

• Softens and refreshes the skin.

• Relieves eczema and dermatosis.

• The hot water used to prevent premature aging.

• Fight free radicals.

• Strengthens the skin barrier enhancing skin protection.

useful tips on the use of thermal water

• Always consult your doctor if in your case it is convenient to bathe in hot springs.

• If water is equal to or greater than 40oC avoid entering or remaining little time.

• Only the time remain well hydrated.

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