"A surprising and unusual, Natural mystery ". Cave of Death, located near the volleyball court Verde Recreation, It is the result of a gas leak called carbon dioxide, which rises to the surface by a tectonic or geological fault called "San Miguel Falla ".

Carbon dioxide is of organic origin, deposits resulting from subsurface minerals, which they are subjected to high temperatures and pressures in the magma of the earth where no oxygen. This gas is colorless and odorless either; It is also dense and heavier than air, so that, to come to the surface in the cavity of the cave, displaces, occupying the lower space of the Cave.

Other important features of this gas, It is neurotoxic and does not contain oxygen. Because of this any living being to enter the cave and died almost immediately inhale poisoning, In addition to lack of oxygen.

During his visit to Recreo Verde, you can enjoy a demonstration of the effect caused by carbon monoxide in the cave of death. One of our employees will show with the help of a torch, what happens with fire when making contact with said gas.

As a result of the demonstration fire it will be extinguished almost instantly because oxygen is essential for the combustion process.