Sustainable tourism:
Sustainable Tourism has been defined by the World Tourism Organization as one that meets the needs of present tourists and regions, in addition to protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented a series of measures that allow us to reduce the impact generated by the company to the environment and the community. Why Recreo Verde seeks to develop sustainable tourism.

We seek business growth, in harmony with nature, and above all we integrate values ​​and principles of sustainable development in our business processes. We firmly believe that if there is sustainability; Tourism remains the engine of our economy, the economy of communities and country. We are convinced that we can develop tourism, taking advantage of what nature gave us so kindly, without harming it, growing in a balanced way with the environment which gives us so many benefits that can not harm, affect the, sino más bien fortalecer.

Our environmental certifications.
Carbon Neutral initiative is a program of the country that aims to reduce greenhouse gases. Besides that, We also conduct awareness raising on mitigation and produced by the companies. Country our goal is to be completely carbon neutral for the year 2021. At 2016, Recreo Verde, PAS managed 2060, for Carbon Neutrality. very important for our company recognition and contributing to the goal of our country.

Certificate for Sustainable Tourism - MST - is a program of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), designed to categorize and differentiate tourism companies according to the degree to which its operations to a model of sustainability approach, in the management of natural resources, cultural and social.

Recreo Verde, I was integrated to obtain certification for sustainability and managed to integrate their colaborares and especially to the community of Marseille to know the importance of using the resources we currently have and that are truly limited. With great satisfaction we want to show our customers that the 2017 We obtained the certificate for sustainable tourism.

Blue flag.

At the end of the year 2017 our company won the Blue Flag award 4 stars, this being a very important recognition, as they came to good practice improvements for the environment.

Recreo Verde maintain control and we ensure that sustainability practices are met; A committee was appointed among employees, and it ensures that everything is carried in the best way. We cite some examples:

Wastes are classified.

Paper, glass, cans, iron, son entregados a un Comité de Reciclaje de la Comunidad de Marsella, It is belonging to the Association of Development. El mismo los entrega a un camión recaudador que pertenece a la Municipalidad de San Carlos, for the proper handling of them.
Los desechos orgánicos son clasificados y se le entregan a un agricultor de la zona para criar cerdos.
Organic wastes are classified and are delivered to a local farmer to raise pigs, por reservas protegidas.
Mantenemos la certificación de la huella de Carbono Neutro.
environmental reasons activity is performed and then an ecological tour offered, para que las personas puedan apreciar árboles nativos de la zona y valorar la importancia de la conservación de los recursos naturales.
Capacitamos y motivamos a nuestro personal, so that people can appreciate native trees in the area and assess the importance of conservation of natural resources, through courses offered by the INA, in that branch.
Only we hire local staff.
We signed the code of conduct PANIAMOR, to protect and denounce, child abuse, and adolescents.
We do not use chemicals to our gardens, for cleaning and laundry use only biodegradable products. We are making compost leaves, with dairy manure a farmer in the area, for the manufacture of organic fertilizer in order to use it in the gardens.
A cooperation agreement was made with the Juan Castro Blanco National Park, con el fin de colaborar en la conservación de los Recursos Naturales de dicho parque. Known as the Water Park, the amount of fresh water springs, They born there and provide drinking water to more than 150 communities is an oxygen lung for the world and believe it has great relevance in the project support.

A cooperation agreement was made with the Association of Elderly St. Vincent de Paul, to support seniors housed in said Home, for being a very vulnerable population, and often neglected by our society.
Green initiative of Recreo, a proposal was made to several people in the community to reinforce a Tourism Committee that there, but it has been composed of three people and was a little behind in the development of projects of environmental impact and tourism, for what two staff people joined Green Recreation, walk to take a work plan where tourism and environmental projects that benefit the community of Venice fleshed Marseille.
Disposable products are almost nil, and we use are mostly biodegradable.
As a company we fulfill all obligations established by law, in social insurance, wages, policies and other.
Our analysis of the water from our springs, They certify that provide water Recreo excellent quality Green. And in reference to the hot springs, We were cataloged by specialists in medical hydrology as the best in Costa Rica for the benefit of health.
Reforestation is the key to regaining the planet for all damages that humans seeking economic welfare has caused. It has been reforested one 80% of the property.
Designate an official, for two weeks involved with our community Elderly, making them recreational activities.
Contributions to the Parish of Venecia, Development Partnership, Community sports teams, Schools and other, we seek collaborations for different activities, both social and cultural.
Our goal is to promote the overall health of our employees and the surrounding community through sport, education and recreation.
Using mineral waters Medicinal, from Recreo Verde, Health benefit.
We motivate and support for staff to make free use of the mineral waters Medicinal, Company, also it is encouraged with complimentary tickets, to enable them to involve two members of his family monthly, and they can receive health benefits, these waters provide, cataloged by specialists in Medical Hydrology among the best in the country, for its high mineral content.
Rates are also offered with special discounts, ranging up to 50% up 100%, people from the community, for health reasons, requiring use of medicinal mineral waters are low income.
The company has an agreement with the Nursing Home in Ciudad Quesada, so they can bring their elderly, and thus receive the benefits of Aguas Minerales Termo, for free.
Physical activity is vital to have a long life, so we encourage our visitors to be physically active in our facilities. We also support community sports activities.

How can you help tourists?
Following our recommendations for saving water and electricity.
Recycling waste properly.
Visiting cultural activities in the area, Share the recreation of the locals, inquire about tours in new places and unfamiliar.
Feel free to comment conformities or observations to commercial establishments to visit.
Prefer visiting hotels and establishments involved in programs or projects of social assistance and environmental protection.
No traffics archaeological items or wild animals, denounce these illegal activities.
Avoid altering the order of nature, subtracting forest plants, shells from the beaches or feeding wild animals.

Aware of our environmental responsibility have the following policies:

Environmental policy
Recurso del Agua
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Ensure that water consumption both guests and staff, do so rationally.
Encourage their customers to support programs rational water consumption we propose.
Keep in their offices, a monitoring plan and monthly monitoring of water consumption, as well as targets and corrective actions.
Develop a preventive maintenance program.
A laundry in rush hour between 10am and 24:00 for washing and drying respected.
He held awareness programs among its employees and guests, As for the rational and efficient use of water.
A collaboration with Juan Castro Blanco Park, conocido como el parque del Agua.
You agree to report potential sources of water pollution in our community or surrounding areas.

Electric Power Resource:
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Reduce and constantly keep control of energy consumption.
Encourage customers to support programs rational consumption of electricity.
Use devices to reduce energy consumption, and energy efficient equipment.
Keep in management, a monitoring plan and monthly consumption control, as well as targets and corrective actions.
Mostly what possible advantage, natural lighting in its facilities.
Develop a program of preventive maintenance of installations and electrical appliances.
It will ensure that its employees make rational use of energy.
Conduct awareness programs among its employees regarding the rational and efficient use of energy.
Encourage their customers to support the programs and actions of rational energy consumption.

Waste Management:
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Strengthen, among its employees and customers, the efficient management of waste generated.
Use non-disposable tableware for restaurant.
Use products whose packages are biodegradable or easily degradable.
To have a recycling program solid waste: paper, plastic, paperboard, glass; computer equipment and components.
To facilitate both employees and customers of the company, containers for waste separation, a clean, orderly gathering area before final disposal.
A legal services use only environmentally safe collection and.

Verde Recreation is committed to:
To ensure that the inputs used in the office are biodegradable.
Recommend more within the activities for our customers, tours that do not involve contamination.
Ensure that in our facilities, rooms and public spaces compliance with the Anti-Snuff # 7501.

Natural areas, Protected and Conservation:
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Support the conservation of protected areas, through the park Juan Castro Blanco.
Involved in conservation of protected areas.
Motivate their customers to visit protected areas.
Comply with national legislation on protected areas.
Responsible and sustainably exploit the attractions of protected areas.
Inducing customers in the rules and regulations that must be followed when visiting natural areas.
Do not allow any activity that threatens native species, threatened or endangered.
Avoid and report illegal extraction and captivity of wild animals and plants by employees and tourists in general.
In its operations do not affect the habitats and behavior of wild species.
Discourage and avoid artificial feeding, direct or indirect, wild animals.
The use of native or endemic plants in the garden of their facilities.
Avoid any and marketing of products or species of flora and fauna forbidden by law.

Environmental education:
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Reinforce responsible and sustainable behavior, in environmental, its customers. Through preventive education at the Environmental Classroom.
Targeted visits to protected areas of our country.
Inform tourists about the regulations that exist in different protected areas.
Keep in environmental classroom information on the subject of global warming and the importance of reducing greenhouse gas.
Organize annual seminars for field staff including conservation issues, natural History, culture, history and geography, rural tourism.

Environmental legislation
Recreation Verde is committed to keep its environmental classroom compendium of environmental legislation related to tourism, namely:
Decree No. 22989: Regulation Public Use Reserve
Caño Island Biological.
Decree No. 29019: Regulation Participatory Natural Resource Management at the Wildlife Refuge
Gandoca Manzanillo, sector Gandoca.
Load capacity sectors Guanacaste Conservation Area.
Decree No. 32505: Regulation for Public Use Carara National Park.
Decree No. 24702: Public Use Sector Regulation Barba Braulio Carrillo Park.
Decree No. 28243: Public Use Regulations National Wildlife Refuge Playa Hermosa.
Decree No. 32627: Public Use Regulations National Wildlife Refuge Ostional.
Decree No. 24700: Regulation Public Use Irazu Volcano National Park.
Decree No. 27389: Regulation Public Use Arenal Volcano National Park.
Decree No. 35848: Regulation Public Use Tortuguero National Park.
Decree No. 22482: Regulation for Public Use Manuel Antonio National Park.
Decree No. 22477: Regulation Corcovado National Park Public Use.
Decree No. 20660: Public Use Regulation Chirripo National Park.
Decree No. 26929: Resource Management Regulations and Services in Cahuita National Park.
Decree No. 22478: Regulation for Public Use of Barra Honda National Park.
Decree No. 24701: Regulation for Public Use of Guayabo National Monument.
Decree No. 29537: Regulation for Public Use of Cocos Island National Park.
Law No. 6172: indigenous law.
Law No. 7554: Organic Environmental Law.
Law No. 6703: National Archaeological Heritage.
Law No. 7317: Law of conservation of wildlife.
Regulation No. 32495-MINAE-MOPT-MSP-MAG: Regulations for the operation related to cetaceans activities in Costa Rica.
Convention No. 7906: American Convention on the protection and conservation of sea turtles signed on 31 from January, 1997.
Law No. 7575: forestry law.
Law No. 6084: Law of the National Park Service.
Law No. 7788: Biodiversity Law.
Law No. 7555: Historic Architectural Heritage Law of Costa Rica.
Law No. 6703: National Archaeological Heritage Law.
Law No. 7331: Traffic Law on Public Roads Principles of Ethics birdwatchers American Birding Association.

Service Policy
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Meet the needs and expectations of its customers efficiently, effective and sustainable.
Record and evaluate customer feedback regarding services received.
Inform customers tours or activities you can participate in the locality.
Ensure that their employees comply with the commitment to "quality service".
Evaluate, through questionnaires, its customers while corrective measures.
Ensure that each department has the basic standards and essential safety activity.
Ensure that the facilities are clean and safe in terms of infrastructure and evacuation.

Sociocultural policy
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Support local projects.
Respect and protection of Costa Rican folk traditions.
Ensure that all the activities we offer our customers contain high cultural value.
Rural or use local suppliers as much as possible.
Action or report any act that violates good manners of the locals.
Strengthen, where possible, by promoting do, Costa Rican culture and idiosyncrasy.
Reject any activity or practice that violates cultural and social integrity of our community.
Induction give their customers about the attractions, history, culture and traditions of the town.
Do not allow traffic, illegal display or illegal exploitation of cultural heritage of our country.

Human Policy / Labor Resources
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Not lay off staff, if women, due to pregnancy or breastfeeding; by differences of belief, religion, sexual orientation, the philosophical policy.
Respect among staff, differences of religion, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, philosophical and political beliefs.
Ensure ethnic equality and belief among workers likewise equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
Give each new employee, the respective induction.
Ensure that each department keep updated the manual functions and procedures.
Ensure your staff keep informed about any changes to occur in labor matters.
Check, update and disseminate among its employees internal company policies.
Check, update and disseminate among its employees its code of ethics.
perform semiannually, an assessment of the performance of all employees.
Keeping the emergency plan of the company.
Annually, train their staff on sustainability, respect for the environment, cultural, idiosyncrasy and corporate social responsibility.
A spread among its employees and tourists, regulations regarding the care of people with disabilities, child protection, and adolescents against commercial sexual exploitation, protection of the architectural heritage of our country.

Security policy
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Maintain updated emergency manuals
Keep evacuation routes marked on their premises.
Keep up to date safety equipment and prevention facilities.
Annually review your plan of risk factors to which it is exposed in its operation and safety management that is covered by the safety management plan.
Semiannually develop and revise their prevention plans, reaction and contingency.
Perform and document semiannually drills perform at their facilities.
Keep updated your liability policy that covers our customers in case of accident.
semiannually review the protocol to monitor electrical installations, gas, pool areas, so that they are in excellent condition.
Review the protocol semiannually, to deal with potential domestic emergencies with our customers.
Providing our employees safe facilities for the development of their work.

Purchasing Policy, supplies and suppliers
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Prioritize those suppliers who demonstrate their integrity and degree of compliance in all aspects, especially the price / quality, labor matters, human rights, environmental protection and protection of girls, children and adolescents against commercial sexual exploitation.
Hiring persons duly legalized as Costa Ricans and residents.
Commits, whenever as possible, prefer suppliers who possess any environmental certification or verification or implement best practices in their operations.
Seek and stimulate the purchase and consumption of local products or locally produced.
Buy biodegradable cleaning products for cleaning, disinfection, kitchen and cosmetic use.
Buy office supplies to green suppliers ".
Give priority to buying products in returnable containers, recycled or reusable.
Use in your promotional material and information products from recycled materials.
With our suppliers and customers in general that the facility has facilities for people with disabilities.
Ensure that our suppliers have sustainable environmental policies, good social practices, cultural and legal.

operational policies
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Reduce and offset carbon footprint.
Ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
Encourage their customers, handicrafts companies or organizations visiting locations.
To inform visitors its "green guide", environmental regulations and best practices.
Promote among its employees and customers, make contributions in kind or in cash to the village community projects or charities.
Hiring the services of local suppliers, as far as possible.
Conduct our operations under all possible environmental standards.

ethical business policies
Verde Recreation is committed to:
Exercise an oversight role at the execution of the tours offered in the area and report any alteration to the archeological heritage of our country.
Exercise an oversight role at the execution of the tours offered in the area and report any commercial sexual exploitation against girls, children and / or teenagers.
Encourage their employees and customers to participate in community activities.
Providing the same services, in price and quality, In addition to some workplace for people with disabilities.
Offer our services to the Costa Rican tourism with differentiated tariffs.
Ensure that your personal contact provide equal treatment, honest and respectful and consistent with their culture and traditions.
Environmental classroom maintain the compendium of social legislation, namely:
Law 7600: Equal opportunities law for persons with disabilities
Law No. 7899: Law against commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
Law 5339: law regulating travel agencies.
Law No. 7476: Law against sexual harassment in employment and teaching.
Law No. 8204: Law on Narcotics, psychotropic substances, Unauthorized use drugs, money laundering and related activities.

Quality politics
Quality policy Verde Recreation is manifested by our strong commitment to fully satisfy customers with our service, Your expectations, we guarantee to promote a culture of quality, based on the principles of honesty, respect, warmth and a commitment to continuous improvement in hand with the environment.