Recreo Verde from Marsella is a company belonging to the family Chacón Zamora, which it is from the Colonia de Toro Amarillo. It was later installed in Marsella, Venecia, when the Father of the Family, Mr. Ermides Chacón decides to become owner of a cattle ranch, within which the complex is located today Recreo Verde Resort.

In 1994, this farm was taken part, 9 hectares approximately, considering that this part of the property had several optimal characteristics for a tourism development, and given the vision of one of the brothers, it was decided to create a small tour company that has evolved to what we know today as Recreo Verde.

The 03 March 1996 you receive the first group of people, thereafter it continues to open to the public on weekends. In January 1998 the corporation called "Recreo Verde de Marsella S.A." focused on the tourism sector was established welfare, health and rest, which opens its doors every day of year 7:00 a.m a 10:00 p.m