Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policies:

If the guest does not show up the day of admission, It will be penalized with 100% Confirmation tank.
For booking requests received from 9 days or more before the date of arrival of the guest, the confirmation deposit must be made up with 3 days after your reservation request.
For booking requests received from 8 days or less prior to guest arrival confirmation deposit must be made within the following 48 hours after the reservation request made.
Failure to do Confirmation Deposits with established days before your reservation is automatically canceled and you must book again.
Hotel premature exit is taken as Unreserving and no refunds.
Booking policies:

If the guest has already made its confirmation deposit and wish to cancel or reschedule your reservation must do so with a maximum of 2 days before the date of entry into the Hotel, If this is done in a shorter time this will be punished with the 100% Deposit and NO Your reservation will be rescheduled.
If you cancel your booking with the established deadline, the host will have a maximum of 3 months after the date originally booked, Reprogramming Your Reservation.
Any modifications to your booking or cancellation thereof, It must be in writing via email to the email info@recreoverde.com if the client does not have email must send a text message to the number 8431-04-50. And warn by telephone on changes or cancellation you want to perform at our office Welcome to 2472-22-70 ó al 2472-10-20.
Check in is at 2:00 p.m and Check out time is 12:00 md. If the guest does out after 12:00 md will be charged 50% Hosting rate each guest staying in that room.
Additional person in same room: you must cancel the full fare adult or child Hosting as appropriate.